Vehicle Insurance

Vehicle insurance is a progressive step that you take today to avoid the calamity that hit your road tomorrow. Applying for vehicle insurance is more than just a formality to upkeep the maintenance. They are bounded to legal terms, and it is necessary that you have them.

When you are on a lookout for the best car or bike model, we are on our eye to provide you with the best vehicle insurance. Our comprehensive coverage includes theft, earthquakes, accidents, and damage caused due to fire, storm, or flood.

As a vehicle insurance agent in delhi ncr, we at Service Adda can protect you from all the financial liabilities and unexpected circumstances. Be it two-wheeler or four-wheeler, our Insurance gets you with the maximum benefits from regular minimized risks.

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Two-wheeler insurance

Two-wheeler insurance covers you from the damage of motorbikes and scooters. The damages caused are circumstantial; since you are a cautious driver does not prove that everybody on the road is the same. Some misjudgment can lead you to a more significant loss unexpectedly. Therefore, as a bike insurance agent in delhi ncr, Service Adda can help you recover from financial loss, theft, and natural disaster. This does not mean that the Insurance can get you covered only from the bike damages. They also ensure your safety and cover your hospital expenses, if any. We also push your third party claims, which people always found to have unpredictable returns.

Four wheeler insurance

Be it personal or commercial vehicle. It is mandatory to purchase car insurance in India. Usually, the value of car insurance is based on the Insured Declared Value (IDV). The premium coverage range that you choose will determine the value. As one of the accessible Car insurance Agents in Delhi NCR, Service Adda provides a comprehensive package that offers extensive coverage. This will benefit you with the essential services that help in recovery during the damage, car collision, theft. Some add-ons include accessory coverage, third party insurance, medical expenses, and more. We always suggest the policyholders choose the end- to-end coverage as you can be stress-free.

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