Serviceadda is one stop destination for all kind of services in India. We are connecting our customers to the lenders after knowing their need and demand. We provide complete assistance to our customers how they get best deals with the minimum cost at their expected time limit.

Our Objective is Provide services to the People and also provide employment/work to unemployed people.

We are providing services through our employees but we are also connected with local people of different areas so we can provide service to the people who are not getting services due to the lack of knowledge or education.

Our motive is to reduce the brokerage fee paid by service holders.

we want to remove hierarchy system from our society. a big chain increases the price of a service or product. our motive is removing this system and reduce the cost incurred to get a service or product. so that people in India get a product or services on time with minimum cost.



We offer different types of loans at easy installments and low-interest rates. VDOC aims to offer an easy process for the application of the loan. Due to our experience and our continuous treatment with different banks, we can reach better conditions with greater ease.



ServiceAdda includes a broad array of services in the insurance domain caters to a variety of customers and their diverse demands. Choosing the right type of insurance provider in Delhi NCR can get you a long way of financial protection.



We offer a range of investment services and consultation for various investment solutions with maintaining the highest standards of integrity & professionalism. The financial experts and consultants at ServiceAdda are available all times to answer your queries



We fulfill all the accounting requirements of the clients creatively and ethically. Service Adda is the most reliable and quick Accounting service provider in Delhi & NCR. We help our clients with easy, seamless and quickest accounting services.



Our taxation team has a dedicated group of professionals who have rich experience in the tax terms and regulatory matters. Our comprehensive approach fulfills the need of the clients.

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