General Insurance

Life is filled up with milestones, and every day you try to move one step forward to accomplish them. Home, car, motorcycles that you buy are the signs of your success, and no one wants to lose them. They are essential, but some unexpected events can put you at risk of losing them. General Insurance is to help you out of the uncertainties. They safeguard these valuable things around you. Every asset that you buy involves financial risks, and general Insurance offers protection. They get you covered from events like earthquakes, fire accidents, car accidents, and theft, travel accidents, and impact from floods or storms. They help you out of unexpected expenses spent on legal activities

Choosing the right type of general insurance provider in delhi ncr can get you a long way of financial protection. All you need to do is choose the right policy depending on your needs. This general insurance coverage is usually yearly contracts with the fixed tenure.

Service Adda is one of the Best General Insurance Agent in Delhi NCR. We help you protect diverse assets, and our agents guide you through throughout the process. While you initiate the claims, we assure you to get you with the maximum returns from the value. As a premium private general insurance provider, we offer customized plans to the customers. People with varied requirements are provided with tailor-made services. Even if you are unsure about the process of choosing the tenure, coverage, and claiming, our executives at Service Adda are always there to help you out.

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