Loan for Equipment -Accelerate your success

SERVICEADDA is aware of the importance of minimizing downtime as a result of unplanned repairs or routine calibrations, especially on equipment that performs crucial tasks. SERVICEADDA advanced loan and replacement equipment services provide you with equivalent equipment during repair or calibration periods or replace your equipment with a unit with the same configuration.

Many entities announce that they have the best market rate. We have the rate that best suits each situation. Whether you have a good credit history or not so good, we will offer you the best financing that fits your case.

equipment service

Having a loan or replacement team ready when you need it helps your teams stay operational working effectively and relieve stress.

Loan Equipment

Now you can schedule your calibrations or repairs without periods of inactivity. The Equipment loan providing companyprovides you with equipment with a similar configuration before you send us yours for calibration, or to make an unexpected but urgent repair.

Advanced Replacement

Has your equipment failed, and you need to replace that unit urgently? The advanced replacement service provides you with equipment with an equivalent configuration when yours fails.

Industries We Support and Equipment We Finance

Obtain financing for the purchase of the equipment you need.

Financing Options

• Commercial Loan

The borrower has the legal title of the equipment, enters into a contract with SERVICEADDA to repay the principal financed. The borrower headquarters the team as collateral for the loan. The borrower reports the assets and the loan in his statement of the situation and deducts the interest and depreciation expenses of the equipment.

• Lease Capital

SERVICEADDA owns the equipment and rents the desired equipment for a specific period at a fixed monthly payment to the lessee. The lessee reports the asset (equipment) in its statement of the situation and deducts the interest and depreciation expenses of the equipment.

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