Uniform Supplier & Manufacturer for School (We Deliver the Best)

At Service Adda, we strive to achieve excellence with a modern, competent, and organized approach. When you think about the new school uniform, the first thing that comes in your mind, where can I purchase the best stuff? Well, then Service Adda comes in the picture. We are the topmost school uniform supplier with fantastic quality stuff, amazing colors, and attractive designs.

Service Adda has years of experience in the school wear industry. Our activities are structured to be simple, cost-effective, and customer-friendly. We spend time with you and start discussing your needs and reviewing the best uniforms to give you a clean look and feel you want. Service Adda is the only uniform supplier for schools that provides exceptionally great raw materials from around the World and creates luxury and good looking uniforms that are unique. We are not using any fabrics that we haven't tested ourselves. At Service Adda, you will get 100% assured quality, best customer support, standard sizes, etc.

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