Systematic Investment Plan

The Systematic Investment Plan is a monthly investment scheme in mutual funds that helps people to build their wealth and accomplish their life goals. SIP as an investment tool allows people to invest in a small amount of money periodically instead of investing a large volume of money. The frequently of these investments is generally weekly, monthly or quarterly. Reasons, why people choose SIP, are its convenience and magic of compounding. A systematic investment plan helps in minimizing the uncertainty of the market for the investor.


It is good to enter the investment plan by taking help from a SIP advisor, to avoid any worries pertaining to market ups and downs. Investors have to invest in small amounts regularly and can opt for monthly auto payment as well, where the fixed amount gets deducted from their savings account every month. It is possible to start an SIP investment with as low as Rs.5000 per month. But growing the wealth demands investment money for longer time duration, even if it is a very small amount.

Service Adda is a prominent investment advisory and consultant firm that is equipped with a team of investment advisors who help people with their investment portfolios. Our company has been built on the pillar of best services and apt advice, leading to the optimal investment of our clients and client satisfaction. The SIP consultants at this firm render unbiased, impartial and objective financial advice, with an objective to protecting and enhancing the client’s wealth and rendering them a sense of security and convenience.

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