How to Obtain a Loan for School Construction?

Education is a fundamental right of every child. Especially, primary education should serve as a springboard to the child for a better future. But in this era of escalating costs, constructing a school is indeed an expensive affair. Besides the premises, all schools should be well equipped, with the necessary equipment and tools. But this is indeed an expensive proposition. In a recent survey, a school for 2000 students, spread over 5 acres will cost around 30 to 35 crores. So, interested parties need to approach a reputed school construction loan provider.


There are several banks and other private finance companies, which act as school construction loan provider. But you need to find out the best one who may offer you a loan for school construction at the cheapest rate. Thanks to ServiceAdda as they assist you in providing the school construction loan. Service Adda assists you in getting the loan at the earliest with minimum paperwork and even without any hassle. What you need to do is find us at the and fill the inquiry forms for the services that you intend to avail from us. We surely will assist you in getting your school loan.

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