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Service Adda is hereby known as the “Website”, “We”, “Us” concedes that the privacy of the “customer”, “you”,” your” is utmost important to us. We understand that maintaining your privacy is a priority and we are committed to maintaining your anonymity, integrity, and security regarding your visit to our website. We have our Privacy Policy that outlines how Service Adda handles the privacy and the collection of data from our consumers who visit the website daily. By visiting our website, you are hereby accepting and giving consent to the practices that will be followed in the Privacy Policy.


User Personal Information

We assure you that personal information, that is defined as any kind of information or details, documents, are related to a person, and they are used to access the information on the website. Personal Information can be anything like the name, age, email id, phone number, gender, PAN number, credit score or bank accounts, residential address, income proof or your KYC credentials. By visiting this website, you agree to the Policy we have below. Service Adda reserves the right to change the policy or modify it, with the sole authority of ours. Service Adda has the right to make the changes to the Policy and notify it via email or when you visit the website, you will be notified that the privacy policy has changed.

You hereby consent us permission to access your personal information with the trusted third parties who will access the necessary information to check the credit profile or any other banking profile to come up with suggestions and offers. If you think, you are not interested in sharing any more personal information with us, you can simply let us know by dropping an email.

Service Adda reserve the right to expose your personal information when it is demanded under the terms of the law and such disclosure of your personal information is deemed as necessary.

Usage of the Personal Information

When we gather or learn the information from what our customers provide us, we work for a better, personalized way of finding out solutions for their problems or services. This is done to improve the user experience on the website. We shall gather and store the information you have entered on the website or you have given us due to a necessary procedure. You can have the liberty to choose the information you do not want to share, but this might result in you losing out on several other relevant services and features we offer.

Hence, Service Adda use cookies to obtain certain types of information where the web browser will extract some information as and when you keep interacting with us. We may store information about your location from where you have accessed our website and also a Unique Identifier number for the mobile/PC device you use. Service Adda can source the information from other different sources and add it under the account information of you, a customer.

Service Adda also collects basic personal information data when you create an account on our website. You will be asked your name, your area of residence, contact number, email address, date of birth and sexual orientation. We do not pass this to any third party who is affiliated with us. Also, once you provide us this information, you are not an anonymous user. You may be sent promotional content which is mainly about our services and offers for the upcoming days. We may also use the information to monitor your actions on our website, solve any grievances caused, and communicate about various services or offers.

Service Adda may also hold your information in case you are not able to access your account on our website. We use it to send you any information, notices, or services recommendation which might be of some use for you.

Sharing of the Personal Information

Service Adda will not disclose or share any personal information of its users unless it is their trusted third party services providers which comply with the norms of Business Adda. We also share the personal information to help any transaction that needs to be processed which was initiated by you. We will share them only when you have authorized it or if there is a subpoena filed against you or if the law and order demands it.

Service Adda always believe in dealing with good faith which is why to protect the safety of our costumers which includes you, we share the data to investigate any kind of fraud or if the request is from the Government itself.

If you choose to disclose any information of yours to the third-party service providers on our website, you can do so by following their privacy policy. We do not come under or share any privacy policy of other companies or third-party service providers. We will not undertake any responsibility for your information if they have been breached.

Retention of your Information

Service Adda may retain your data as long as we deem to be necessary for us to provide the services that are available on the website. If you choose to delete your account or terminate it on our website, we will only keep the anonymous data of yours and keep only your contact information to prevent any discrepancies. You may also receive some periodic emails or SMS so that we can allow the users to keep coming back again.


This may be of the regular analysis of your risk appetite, your expenses or your desire to have mutual funds. When you are directed to their website from us, then you will be covered under the privacy policy of that website.

Additional Information

We may have widgets that help us in interacting with mini-programs that are running all over the internet. We will collect your information through our widgets.

Data Security

Service Adda would be needing data security to understand and accept the threads which are related to the customer. We assure you 100% data security but we are sorry if we say we cannot provide any absolute security. Our website is fully encrypted, has a combination of firewalls and other encrypted techniques. We make sure our servers are properly made use of and it helps in our databases.


Service Adda have complied with the latest ISO 27001 and you know that you can always post your personal information so that the product details are known. We also know how to keep personal information and other information online. ISO 27001:2013 is the most important certificate you may require for data security.

Contact Us

If there are any queries related to the privacy policy and security policy, feel free to drop in a mail to us. Also, the effective date of the new policy has been changed and this means, they revised on that day. Service Adda also have a grievance officer for these policy queries and you can reach out to them too.

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