Life Insurance Services

Life Insurance is one of the important investments in one’s life. The concept of life insurance is simple. There may be some unfortunate incident in lifelike mere death can put the family in all sorts of struggle. Especially with just one income holder in the family, it gets all messed. This is one of the reasons why people tend to apply for Life insurance. When you purchase your policy after any mishap, the amount will reach the hands of your beneficiary. In most of the case, the money will go only to the family members.

Service Adda consists of Best Life Insurance Agents who can help you out with ease in the process. People have misconceptions or unaware of the level of insurance that they may want to apply. But at Service Adda, we offer to provide an end- to – end process management system. There are quite several ways in which you can become the policyholder.

  • Term Insurance Plan – The term insurance is purchased with a fixed time and the amount. The policies do not have any maturity value. But it’s a good way to start with it. However, the beneficiary gets the amount only the occurrence of the event.
  • Endowment policy – The major difference between term and endowment policy is that here you get an extra benefit. Also, after the tenure, you get the amount in hand despite the events.
  • Unit Linked Insurance – The plans are mostly recommended for people who are at their mid-age or start of the career. Here one can build wealth simultaneously to the life security offered. You choose to withdraw the amount partially during the tenure.
  • Money back policy – More or less similar to an endowment policy, but the difference lies in the benefits. The agency will offer more survival benefits depending on the policy period.
  • Whole life insurance – In this policy, the survival benefits are more, and one can withdraw the partial amount during the tenure. Importantly this policy can support you during the loans.
  • With the top Life Insurance consultant in Delhi NCR, like Service Adda, you or the beneficiaries will be able to fetch the maximum amount of returns.

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