ITR Filing

All Indian citizens with taxable income in India (income that exceeds INR 2.5 Lakh a year) should file their Income tax returns every year. The majority of the salaried people in the country have to file their income tax returns and report their income for the financial year with the GOI. An ITR form enables the taxpayer to declare their income, tax deductions, expenses, taxes and investments to ensure that no fraudulent practices are followed in declaring one’s personal income to the Government of India.

Filling the ITR in our country has now become online and paperless and people can file their ITR online without having to submit any physical copies at the local income tax offices. Income tax returns have to be filed for a particular financial year and are required to be submitted online by choosing the appropriate form starting from ITR 1 to ITR 7 depending on the type of their individual income. Process of ITR filing:

Before filing the ITR form, it is important to keep the entire documents ready, verify the documents and select the appropriate form as per their income slab. The next step is to prepare their return form and file the ITR. Those people who are not sure of the different forms that are to be enclosed for ITR filing in delhi ncr, can take expert advice and guidelines to complete the filing efficiently. It is beneficial to take help from ITR consultants for a seamless, quickest and cheapest way of filing income tax returns. ServiceAdda is one of the best online portals that assist people with their ITR filing process efficiently and cost-effectively.

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