Fixed Deposits Services at Service Adda

Fixed deposits are generally considered one of the major ways of saving liquid assets for the long term. Many people make use of the FD scheme of nationalized banks to keep their money secure and benefit from the interests of the money deposited by them. But apart from banks a number of non-banking institutions also offer similar Fix deposit schemes for its investors. These corporate are in need of huge capital to fund their operations and thus issue deposit certificates to its investors for a fixed tenure but at a high interest rate compared with banks.

Many investors also prefer the Fix deposit investments with these corporate as there is good ROI for these schemes. Also the investors are free to choose their investment tenure according to their convenience. Premature encashment of deposits is also possible along with a small penalty. These types of fixed deposits are offered by Non-Banking financial companies, housing finance companies, manufacturing companies and Government agencies. Though these deposits come with high interest rates, they are not devoid of risks. That is why optimal financial planning from an eminent financial expert is important.

Service Adda is one of the most eminent online financial planning consultants who help in the proper management of individual finance. We render direction and meaning to one’s financial decisions and influence their financial decisions. We help in devising appropriate fix deposit investment schemes, according to the needs and finances of the investor and offer a comprehensive and coordinated approach in achieving one’s personal financial goals.

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