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It is important not to use content or images that are owned by another person, and on the Internet deceptively, it seems that everything can be used, downloaded, or modified without problems while there is nothing to pay. Copyright is good because it serves to protect what we do, be it creating a logo, creating content, publishing a photo, and these three licenses are based on the principle of defending copyright.

Copyright Service

ServiceAdda Copyright Services

This license, which is the best known, is used to indicate that only the author can use the created work and be the person who does what he wants with it. If we want to use someone's work, we would have to pay for it first and then ask permission. Copyright registration services prevent creative works such as authors, music, books, manuscripts, software, movies, fashion designs, and websites from being copied. No one can use it for commercial purposes without the author's permission. We will submit the application for registration of the work in your name, providing the relevant aspects, requirements, and the correct way in which it must be requested. Verifying who the authors are and who should be the owners of the economic or exploitation right.

ServiceAdda monitors the requested copyright until it is finally registered and duly inform you about each official objection or correction requirement we have received from the copyright office. If necessary, we ensure intellectual conception and obtain unbroken or adequate protection for copyright.

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